Food Preferences 

Children’s first five years hold the keys to lifelong success. Between birth and age five years old, 90% of a child’s brain has been developed. This crucial time in their lives dramatically influence future health and overall success. Healthy foods give your child the energy and nutrients they need to grow and develop. While we cannot determine what our students eat while they are not at school, we are committed to providing nourishing snacks while they are in our care.

The foods we eat feeds our bodies so that we can operate to our full potential. We can choose to feed our bodies with wholesome foods or food that lacks nourishment such as junk foods.

We believe that out palates mature as our body and mind matures. The school setting is a perfect place for experimentation and learning for almost everything – including food. We strive to offer a varied selection of wholesome snacks to expose our students to food choices that balance between what our students want, and what they will eat. They can choose to try now and enjoy, or enjoy later when they are ready.

About Our Foods

“In order to protect the child’s development, it would be well if a large part of the child’s diet could be entrusted to the school.”

~Maria Montessori

Our snack items are full of whole grains, proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. We do not serve snacks that are processed, or contain GMOs.

our Healthy Snack Philosophy

A snack menu will be posted on our website as well as our school bulletin board. If your child has any allergies, food restrictions, or you find that they will not eat what will be served on any given day, please feel free to provide a substitute snack for them. Please remember to only substitute healthy snack options for your child and to label the snack with your child’s name and date.